Preventive and/or curative maintenance has thermography, as an essential tool. SNC has the necessary thermographic equipment to support Fagor Automation technical assistance.

Thermography is a non-invasive method that allows the acquisition of temperature values through the emission of infrared rays; with the obtained graph (color variation as a function of temperature), we are able to "see" the interior of people (e.g.: tumors), structures (e.g.: analysis of problems not visible in bridges, buildings, etc ...) and also in the Industry (analyzing the bearings of a machine-tool). This analysis is done using a Thermographic camera.


Thermography as a preventive method in Industry allows:

  • - Detect bad grips or corrosion on electrical contacts
  • - Effects of Over-voltages and / or Over-current
  • - Inspect bearings, spindles, etc ...
  • - Detect problems in electrical motors, servo-motors, etc ...
  • - Analyze Steam systems, among others.

    A machine-tool is a set of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems subject to intensive use, sometimes 24 hours a day, whose systems must maintain reliability and precision over time and in all the tasks performed by it. In order to warrantie these characteristics and their maximum availability and profitability there must be a correct maintenance.

    With the thermographic analysis, it is possible to predict that a certain component of the machine may be reaching its end of life and to program a preventive intervention, minimizing unforeseen stops, reducing the costs and failures in the delivery deadlines of the work process.

    The thermographic analysis can be applied in several fields in a machine-tool, being a fundamental part for the implementation of a preventive maintenance model.

    Mechanical Area

    Qualitative analysis of ball bearings and spindles - it is possible to predict serious bearing problems approximately two months in advance.

    Belt analysis.

    Analysis of valves and other mechanical systems subject to movement and friction.

    Predict and measure spindle dilatations.

    Check the correct functioning of chillers, air conditioning or other cooling systems.

    Electrical/Electronic Area

    Electrical panel analysis - Detection of bad contacts, loose wiring, faulty relays, faulty fans.

    Detection of problems related to overload and power quality.

    Detection of electrical and electronic problems in electric motors.

    All measurements are made without contact and in complete safety while the machine is working. In some machines it is necessary to take out/open some mechanical parts, to have a visual contact with the spindles and bearings.

    The measurements results are stored in reports to monitor the evolution of the equipment over time and to predict with more precision the possible problems.

    Besides these advantages, the thermography also serves as a complement to other diagnostic tools, for example, to prove that a certain mechanical intervention improved the system and that it was well done. It avoids having to re-intervene in the machine a week or two later.

    Below, some images can be seen where the thermography predicted problems in the short term, even though the machines in question are in full operation.

    Picture 1 - Induction motor’s thermography

    In Picture 1, the engine is verified and it’s warmer on the top where it is coupled to its load. This image is typical for a bearing that is approaching the end of its useful life.

    Picture 2 – Ball spindle system’s thermography

    In Picture 2, it shows that a ball spindle does not have a uniform heating. It will be an indicator that the spindle’s bearing may be at the end of its life.

    Picture 3 - Electrical cabinet, relay of digital outputs

    In this thermography (Picture 3) to a set of relays, it is verified that one of them is hotter, which is indicative of problems and should be replaced before intermittent problems occur, which are difficult to diagnose.

    In addition to this information, SNC is responsible for the repair of servo motors (Fagor and in some cases multi-brand) and support in the repair of other mechanical and/or electrical/electronic problems, after the diagnosis.

    Picture 4 - Set of solenoid valves thermography

    Image 4 is the result of a thermography to a set of solenoid valves. It turns out that one of the solenoid valves may be having electrical problems, since the temperature it presents is abnormal for the type of work it performs.

    In addition to this information, SNC is responsible for the repair of servo motors (Fagor and in some cases multi-brand) and support in the repair of other mechanical and/or electrical/electronic problems, not limited to the diagnosis.

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