In this year in which we celebrate 25 years of history in Portugal, the Management of SNC thanks all those who trusted us, in particular our customers, for whom we work daily and the suppliers who support us. A special word, too, for all the employees who are part of our history, who, being at the service of our customers, allowed us to achieve success together and walk a path we are proud of. A big thank you to everyone who trusts us. Strong hug,
The management.

Since 1997 we carry out, exclusively for the Portuguese market, Certified Technical Assistance, to materials manufactured and marketed by Fagor Automation.

Our mission is to repair, train and support Fagor Automation's customers, guaranteeing the entry into the market of genuine parts. We have two fully equipped technical assistance laboratories, which comply with strict quality standards inherent to the Fagor Automation universe; a laboratory in Leça da Palmeira and another in Marinha Grande, for reasons of proximity, with our customers, in order to support them in the shortest possible time.

Our approximately 1500 customers, including end users, national machine manufacturers, conversion/assistance companies and machine tool importers, are the guarantor of the quality of the work carried out by highly specialized technicians that we have. Our vision is to guarantee the full operation of machines equipped with Fagor Automation material, shortening downtime as much as possible, increasing productivity and quality of products created/marketed by our customers.