TUV Certificate

The mechanical workshops and the surroundings of the workers are surrounded by dangers to their physical integrity. The machine must be built for the production function and at the same time defend the production and maintenance workers for their daily tasks without jeopardizing their safety and always respecting the conditions of manufacture of the machine.

To assist in the implementation of the measures mentioned above, there are different directives and standards that ensure the safest possible environment for people; the safety standards have been in place since the 1990s and Fagor Automation warranties the support of the machine manufacturers in order to make them as safe as possible.

With the aim of facilitating and simplifying the integration of safety systems into machines, which create a safe environment for workers, Fagor Automation has certified its AXD / SPD regulators through a German independent certification body (TÜV).

After months of exhaustive analysis of the products and manufacturing processes, it has been proven that Fagor Automation fulfills all the essential requirements and has obtained the corresponding TÜV certificate.

SNC is able to repair/test control systems, which comply with the TÜV standard, as in the case of regulators manufactured by Fagor Automation.

Handling of Fagor AXD/SPD Regulators, TÜV, can only be done in a properly equipped laboratory and the replacement plates must be TÜV; only the SNC as Official Assistance Fagor, has these plates in the national market.

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